Ogden Amphitheater Ogden Amphitheater

Located just minutes from your Townhome rests the Ogden Amphitheater. It is an outdoor venue that hosts some of the best concerts in Utah. Ogden Twilight always brings in a variety of talented artists and that is just a fraction of what goes on here. Don't forget to see what kind of shows they got going on!

Ogden River Brewing Ogden River Brewing

Their goal is to share the art of brewing craft beer with as many people as possible and to develop and nurture their passion for the craft beverage movement. Whether exploring different techniques and combinations of ingredients or just brewing with friends and enjoying good times, there are as many great tasting beers as there are people that love to make and drink them.

Skydive Ogden Skydive Ogden

Cross off one of your bucket list items and visit Skydive Ogden. They are rated one of the safest and longest running skydive companies in the state of Utah. It truly is a breathe taking experience and it is just moments away from your new home!